Flint Hills Area Builders Association

Parade of Homes Magazine

The Goal:

FABA had been outsourcing the entirety of one of their main event publications for several years. This didn’t allow for much creative control and communications between the association and advertisers were sometimes strained.The association was at a stage of wanting to present a more polished and cohesive event – with their primary objective being to create as much value for their members as possible. 

The Solution:

Bring the Parade Guide under FABA control to create focus. Rebrand the public-facing materials, streamlining the process that often involved dozens of stakeholders (FABA, builder members, Guide advertisers, sponsors, etc).

Why It Works:

The establishing of cohesive systems for ad sales, project management, and protection of the Parade of Homes™ brand created clearer revenue streams and better allowed them to leverage their own brand. A rebranded guide provided customers in the housing market, a nice, engaging guide. Which added value to association members because people had a nice piece they could engage with.

FABA controlled the revenue and invoicing, had a nice looking Guide (that reflected positively on their association brand), and the process was easy to manage.

“Ampersand make this process easy for me.”

– Brad, Executive Officer

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