Prescription Drug Abuse Campaigns

The Goal:

Increase awareness of the dangers of prescription drug abuse, specifically impacting 12- 25 year olds.


With some in-depth research we helped DCCCA create a pointed strategy through specific messaging, engaging video content, targeted ad communication and precise delivery formats.

Why It Works:

We created sets of videos with precise messaging that appealed to the target. The messaging was separated into social media optimized sets of 12- 15 second pieces. Videos were then rotated videos once optimal reach was sustained.

The ad sets we created guided viewer through a clear journey of the dangers of prescription drug abuse, how it can be prevented, and what to do to get help.

We took direct approaches with specific messaging for the primary audience (teens) and specific messaging for a secondary audience (parents and grandparents of the primary audience). Targeting the influencers of the primary audience greatly increases the awareness needed for prevention.

Digital marketing put the messaging in the right place.

Over 40,000 people were reached each month of the campaign.

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