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Our Team

Shanna Goodman

Brand Strategist &President

Shanna specializes in brand strategy in innovative business development and is passionate about helping small businesses thrive.

She has 15 years of experience building successful marketing initiatives and managing projects for some companies you’d recognize (Coca Cola, PepsiCo, Hy-Vee, Kellogg’s), and a hundred more smaller businesses that you wouldn’t.

Shanna writes a series on thriving small businesses for Thrive Global. She is also a contributor for Business Insider and is a Mogul Influencer

Edward Tuttle

solutions Manager &creative Director

Edward’s resourceful background in marketing, graphic design, philosophy and customer service create an ability to visually communicate business strategy in a very accessible manner. The area between business strategy, and a finished product is where Edward lives. In a way you could say his specialty is client-focused “visual thinking,” but that could be selling him short.

If he’s not in the office you can usually find him taking his family on bike rides & hikes, searching for the newest plants to adorn his home or dreaming of his next outdoor adventure.

Vlad headshot cropped

Vlad Pritkin

PPC Specialist

Vlad helps Ampersand clients grow by increasing their web visibility through organic (SEO- search engine optimization) and paid search (PPC- pay-per-click) marketing. Having grown up in a digital era, Vlad is passionate about learning and evolving his own thinking with technology available. Vlad loves to talk keyword and traffic analysis, Adwords, Facebook ads, conversion rate optimization, CTR, CPC, CPA, VTR and PBJ. In his free time, Vlad is an international traveler, avid photographer, bike riding enthusiast, history buff, music lover, and occasional yoga practitioner.

Erica Dube

Inbound marketing specialist

With over 5 years experience as an Inbound Marketer, Erica has worked with a variety of businesses to successfully implement inbound marketing campaigns. Erica spends her days strategizing, implementing, testing and writing about inbound tactics and is constantly finding ways to expand her knowledge of the industry. When she’s not working or reading a good book, you can find Erica watching a UCONN game with her dog Shabazz or jogging around her beautiful Playa del Rey neighborhood in sunny California.

Sarah Snyder

Graphic Design Specialist

With more than 6 years of professional design experience, Sarah has worked with and for a variety of businesses, including Cabela’s Corporate in Sidney, Nebraska where she designed and built retail ads, billboards, grand opening invites, etc. Since then, Sarah has worked on the agency side, helping many types of clients grow their businesses. She received her bachelor’s degree in graphic design from Northwestern College in St. Paul, Minnesota. Sarah grew up camping and fishing and now shares that passion with her family as well as bow shooting and hunting in her spare time.

Maggie Benson

PPC Specialist

A digital marketer based out of the Okanagan Valley, in BC Canada, Maggie is fiercely passionate about helping small businesses grow. A certified Google AdWords Professional, Inbound Marketer and Social Media Master, when she’s not typing away on her laptop,  she’s enjoying her 2 Rottis, 2 cats, 2 Nigerian Dwarf Goats, 20+ chickens and a strong cup of java. 

Heather Bozarth

Web Specialist

Heather has been helping businesses leverage their online presence for more than 7 years, ranging from customizing and teaching clients how to use their websites in the automotive industry to B2B web design and builds. She is constantly looking for innovative solutions that will help clients accomplish their goals in meaningful ways. Over the last few years, Heather and her husband have lived in Kansas, Georgia, Arizona,  and now in St. Louis, Missouri where they currently reside with their two small children.

McKenzie Fussell

Social Media Specialist

With years of professional experience in the world of Social Media Marketing, McKenzie has worked with businesses in many different industries to help expand brand reach. McKenzie is passionate about telling a brand’s story and reaching clients and customers through engaging content. McKenzie and her husband are currently raising their daughter in their small hometown of Fernandina Beach, FL. When she’s not creating content you can probably find McKenzie at the beach!

Stacy Zolnikov

SEO Specialist

Stacy has over 5 years of experience as a digital marketer, specializing in SEO and web design. As a former Android Developer and Technical Project Manager, she knows the ins and outs of everything technical. With extensive experience in SEO and UI/UX, she loves helping businesses navigate the digital world.  

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