Our Website Development Process

Discovery + Strategic Development + Implementation

Our phased approach addresses long-term strategy as well as immediate needs.

Often times clients will call us with an immediate need- a revised custom website design, an online video production or commercial for tv ad buys, an inbound campaign to generate leads, email marketing content, etc.- but when we dig deeper, it becomes apparent that the immediate need is actually a symptom of a larger goal or issue. Often the bigger issue has to do with an unanswered question of how to increase sales across the company, expand into a new product line or attract the right kind of talent.

Our website design and development process starts with a facilitated discussion with your team and stakeholders to learn more about your goals, website design and business needs for marketing in Kansas City. We include areas of research to get to the next stage of professional web design strategy. Next, we’ll work to understand your market, conduct research, determine appropriate strategy, conduct facilitated discussions in all the areas you’re looking to expand. Based on the prioritizations necessary, we can nail down implementation tactics. We understand that a quick turnaround time, ongoing support and professional service and reputation are critical components in finding the best website design company. Built on the principle of partnerships, we’ve developed a system based on exceptional service and transparent communication. 


From startups to large enterprises, no project is the same. During the Discovery stage, we survey the landscape both within your company as well as competitors and market, taking into account specific challenges and opportunities. The Discovery stage can include aspects internal and external to the company. Internal Discovery sometimes involves assessing current databases and customer management systems as well as sales processes, lead generating mechanisms, etc. External Discovery can include industry and technological trends existing in the market and how you can apply business development strategies to stay ahead of competition.

Strategy Development

After gathering the necessary information, we will work with you to identify immediate needs and start mapping out long-term strategy framework based on your specific industry, customers, positioning, and competition. This will dive into specific products and services offered by your company, ideal product/ service mix, revenue portfolios, and so on to position you in front of the right customers at the right time with the right message.


In the Implementation stage, we test ideas and concepts that have come up. This accomplishes a couple of things- it tests hypotheses of what we think might happen before the client invests a large amount of resources. The outcomes guide what is rolled out. Also, this process creates the templates and framework to create appropriate infrastructure so you aren’t always reliant upon a web design company to implement for you.

Components throughout this phase are based on what’s determined during Strategy Development and could be website design and development, creation of email campaigns and follow up processes, lead generating techniques and sales processes online and offline, creation and management of pay-per-click campaigns, and so much more a professional web design company could assist with.

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