How To Use Inbound Marketing To Get New Clients

Inbound marketing is making its way into nearly every industry and helping companies generate more business from online. These companies are increasing website traffic with visitors who fit the criteria of their “ideal” client and getting this traffic to contact them. How? The use of content creation, forms, landing pages and search engine optimization. In this article we’ll explore how these strategies are used for healthcare offices (as a specific example) and some tips on getting started with your own inbound marketing program.

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How You Can Use Inbound Marketing For Talent Acquisition

For all size businesses, finding great talent to join your team has always been a difficult task. Companies spend a ton of time reviewing, interviewing, training and then re-training talent with hopes to retain and clone their best team members. Decreasing team member churn is a pain point many businesses face, where too many resources are going into the hiring process because the wrong person was chosen for the job in the first place. Filling important positions, with the right candidates, is your most critical task to run a successful company.

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The 6 Components To a Successful Inbound Marketing Campaign

Getting started with Inbound Marketing is exciting. With today’s consumers doing their own research online, sales has really changed. If your business is executing Inbound Marketing strategies you are focused on connecting with the customer before they have made their decision to work with you. Your business’ choice to implement Inbound Marketing is a choice that will build your brand as a resource for your ideal customer. Your responsibility to your customer is not only to provide great service once they have contacted you but to also provide them with education and knowledge early in their research and decision making processes. With these 6 components, your business can be in the driver’s seat of a successful Inbound Marketing campaign that will generate awareness and new revenue.

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How Marketing Has Changed in The Past 10 Years

Composite image of businessman standing on ladder holding binoculars.jpegOver the past decade, marketing has made a huge shift from traditional to digital strategies. The “Mad Men” days are long gone and businesses are using digital strategies to increase their company’s revenue and gain a brand presence online. While the shift to digital for personal use has been somewhat natural, for businesses it can be difficult to stay up to date and make the best decisions. Tools are quickly emerging each and every day while businesses adjust marketing budgets to accommodate these changes and trends. Here are some main themes in marketing over the past 10 years. 

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3 Steps to Building Your Business’ Buyer Personas

As you get started with inbound marketing your very first step for success is to build your company’s buyer personas. Buyer personas are fictional representations of your ideal customers. Your personas are based on real data about customer demographics and online behavior, along with educated speculation about their personal histories, motivations, and concerns. As you build your ideal buyer profile, you’ll begin to realize how your marketing can more effectively target these people. Buyer persona profiles are essential to succeeding with your marketing efforts, both online and offline. With a better understanding of your target audience you will be able to personalize messaging to attract more quality leads. Here are the 3 steps to building your business’ buyer personas.

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How Your Website Can Revolutionize Your Marketing Strategy

During that past decade, business marketing has changed a lot. The days of spending your marketing budget on billboards, direct mail flyers and television/radio commercials are gone. Successful businesses, even smaller and local companies, have shifted focus and revolutionized their marketing programs with online efforts. Not only are websites getting more attractive, they are smarter. Companies of all sizes have taken advantage of tools to automate, personalize and customize their websites in order to generate more visitors and increase customer acquisition online. If your website still acts as just a brochure for your business, you’re missing out on many opportunities for growth.

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How Can My Business Start Blogging For More Leads Online?

So your company wants to start a blog – that’s great news! Blogging for businesses is a great way to generate new visitors to your website. Not only will blogging help increase your website traffic but it will help you target as well as educate the right audience for your company. By providing valuable, informative content targeted towards your ideal audience you will showcase your expertise and set yourself apart from your competitors. Online blogs, especially business blogs, have become one of the most popular and trusted sources to educate consumers about products and services. Before you even start writing, there are a few important steps in order to prepare for a successful business blog.

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What Is Inbound Marketing?

In the digital age, Inbound Marketing is a way for businesses to effectively turn strangers into customers and promoters for your business. Small and medium sized businesses who are using Inbound Marketing methods are using content to attract the right people to their business and get them to purchase. The idea is that instead of pushing your business in front of everyone and anyone, you’re pulling in the most qualified individuals who are interested in your services by providing them with valuable content they need. Businesses who have ditched outbound marketing methods such as purchasing lists or cold calling have rose up to 60% compared to 2015 (Gartner Research). Inbound Marketing is a growing methodology for business lead generation and isn’t going away anytime soon. So, what is inbound marketing exactly and how can you use it to help your business grow? 

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How Inbound Marketing Can Decrease Your Business’s Marketing Costs

Let’s talk marketing dollars. But let’s not start with the question of how much your business is currently spending on marketing, however, how much actual return on investment are you seeing from your current spend? Within the last decade, companies across various industries and sizes have shifted towards new methods of marketing in order to utilize their marketing dollars wisely and increase ROI. Web Strategies Inc. tells us that based on their annual survey of CMOs from a variety of industries and sectors, “In 2016, the average firm was expected to allocate 30% of their marketing budget to online, this rate is expected to grow to 35% by 2019”. The question is – why? How can inbound marketing strategies decrease your spend and help you get more bang for your buck? While we’d love to tell you “it just costs less”, that’s not the full truth. Like any good thing, inbound marketing requires time and patience as well as budget. However, businesses across the globe have shifted to the inbound marketing mindset because you can you spend less and really see results. In this article we’ll explore the ways inbound marketing can decrease your business’s marketing costs.

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