Short Term vs. Long Term Digital Marketing Strategies For Success

Digital marketing for business has many benefits. Increased website traffic, better brand awareness and boosts in lead generation are just some of the valuable results your company can experience when implementing digital marketing strategies. However, when you’re first getting started it can be overwhelming to choose which strategies will bring in the leads right now and which should be built out for long term success. In this article we’ll touch on just a few of the short and long term digital marketing strategies businesses can deploy for success.

Short Term Marketing Strategies → results include a temporary boost in traffic and leads.

Limited time offers and promotions

Need a quick boost in sales? Create a limited time offer or a promotion directed at a specific target audience and promote it through your website and social media. If you’re just looking to boost traffic and leads, your offer can be a free eBook or piece of downloadable content. You can increase subscribers and grow your database quickly by providing a valuable resource but promoting it as “limited time only” to increase urgency. Offers to increase sales may include discounts, free gifts with purchase, referral incentives and more!

PPC (Pay-Per-Click)

Using Google Adwords, Facebook Lead Ads or any other paid advertising strategy where your audience is likely to hang out is a great way to quickly boost results. A paid advertising strategy, if in your budget, will increase both traffic and leads quickly and help build your database. If you have a specific offer or promotion you can utilize paid ads to promote and get new leads. You can also use Adwords on an on-going basis to send your target audience to landing pages based on keyword searches. Many businesses use paid strategies when starting out with online marketing to help generate traffic for top keywords they want to rank for on search. *For best results, you will have to identify an investment that makes sense based on the keywords you are trying to bid on. Typically, businesses may start with a budget of $300 or more for their first month.

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Companies have been attending and exhibiting at trade shows for years because it’s a great way to network, build your referral base and generate new business! A great way to combine digital marketing with your upcoming tradeshow calendar is to incorporate email marketing and landing pages. Whether you are planning to exhibit, speak or just attend an upcoming show – let your audience know!

Ideas to boost leads during tradeshows with online methods:

  • Write a blog article about what you’re looking forward to about the show

  • Send an email to your database (don’t forget to segment and send to the best audience!) letting them know where you will be and an option to set up a meeting.

  • If you’re a vendor/exhibitor: Create a contest (with a grand prize) for anyone that visits your booth and promote it on social media, your blog, email marketing and at your booth! Announce the winner through the same methods.

  • If you’re a vendor/exhibitor: Create a Facebook event for your booth and have people “RSVP” if they are going to stop by. Message everyone on Facebook the day before and follow up after the event.

  • If you’re a speaker: Create a download that is relevant to your session. Promote via email, social and on your website prior to the event and ask for email addresses in return for the download. Include info about this piece during your session and encourage attendees to download!

  • Find the trade show on Facebook and connect with anyone who has RSVP’d. Message them asking to meet up during the event and fill your calendar with networking opportunities!

Long Term Marketing Strategies → results include an increase in brand awareness and produce results (such as leads and traffic) months and even years down the road.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Search Engine Optimization is a critical strategy to success with online marketing. Identifying keywords, creating content focused on those keywords and optimizing your content for search is all part of a long term strategy that will get results! Your goal is to improve your website’s search visibility and in turn generate more visitors organically. Optimizing for keywords that you are using for paid advertising is a good start. This way you can eventually cut down your budget on paid advertising because your visitors will begin to find you organically through Google. Begin this strategy by identifying the best keywords for your buyer personas.

[Read this article for basics of SEO for your business website]

Public Relations/Press Release

Press releases are a great long term strategy to increase search traffic and brand awareness. If your business hired a new employee, won an award, hosted an event or hit a record high sales goal – write a press release! You can repurpose your release on your blog and share across your social media channels as well. Your release will showcase your business in your local area and generate more traffic for your website and potentially more leads!

Content Creation & Promotion

Content is the key to online marketing success. The content you publish on your website and across other platforms and websites will continue to bring in traffic long term through search and social media. Creating content is the best long term strategy you can invest time in. Write valuable and informative content that is “evergreen” and post it on your blog. Evergreen content is long-lasting and will be relevant for your audience in helping solve their challenges for years down the road.

You can also create timely content and post about news or trending matters – this will provide some short term results and boosts in traffic!

Content can be recycled into different forms (blogs into infographics or videos and vice versa!) and showcases your expertise to your target audience. If you’re regularly creating content that is helpful to your audience, they will begin to see you as a resource and an expert.

Social Media

Social media can be both a short and long term strategy. Short term, you can promote your offers, promotions, contests and run advertising campaigns in order to generate leads and traffic. Your audience hangs out on different social media channels so you should be right there with them providing the best content and valuable insights! Long term, your social media following is like another database of prospective leads. As you build your following, you are building your audience. Post news about your company, positions you are hiring for, content you just published and more! Your social media channels are a way to reach thousands and thousands of people all over the world and if you take advantage of it then you can generate some great business from attracting quality prospects through social!

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