Finding The Right People For The Right Seats Using Digital Marketing

Let’s talk employee retention. Companies have a hard time blaming themselves when an employee makes the move to leave or is unhappy with their career. Many business owners will lay off employees due to lack of motivation, work ethic or competence. However, as a business owner and a manager of a team, you have to dive into the real reasons why employees are leaving your company. Whether by their choice or yours, what is the truth behind their unhappiness or under performance? Many times the reason is that you have the wrong people in the wrong roles.

Every business is different, right? But one thing rings true for all companies and that is the need to attract and retain great talent. Your employees are your most critical asset to your company’s success. For managers, when an employee is unhappy or under performing the first step should be to dive into their role and how it fits their strengths and personality. Placing the right people in the right seats is something business leaders have explored for a while now. To research more here are some great resources:

How Your Company Can Use Digital Marketing For Building Your Business

Who are the “right people”

Every organization and team within the organization will have different needs. The right people may be unique to the team but also fit in with the overall company. Sit down with your leadership team and team members and start by identifying people in your company that you wish you could “clone”. What are their key characteristics? What traits make them unique? Create the “right person” for each position you currently have within your company’s teams. Don’t forget to focus on team culture. Hire people that represent your culture, value and mission.

Define Recruiting Process

When defining your recruiting process you should start by identifying the methods you will use to attract top talent. What efforts will you make in order to showcase your company’s culture and personality? Blogging, website pages, videos, social media marketing may all be pieces of this. You will want to build your brand first before diving into recruiting. This will ensure that the people that you want to be attracted to your open positions are actually excited and willing to work with you. If you do this right, you won’t have to do much outreach because talent will come to you! Encourage current and past employees to post reviews about your company on GlassDoor, Yelp, Google and any other top review site related to your industry. Increase your online presence not only for new consumer business but to showcase your culture to prospective talent.

You’ll want to use a variety of recruiting methods, both online and offline, in order to broaden your reach and increase the opportunities to attract the best people. Use websites such as Indeed, LinkedIn and Facebook. Find local events and come up with fun ways to exhibit and showcase your company. Create online contests to attract top talent to compete for a position in your organization. Using these methods you will decrease the time and money spent on interviewing and training the wrong people because you will have a screening and review process in place.

Here are some examples of ways you can use digital marketing to attract the right people for your team:

  • Create video blog articles with team members talking about key topics in your industry. Showcase their expertise, skill set and passion.
  • Any event, meeting, or even just a “day at the office” should be photographed, talked about and even shown on video on your blog, Youtube channel and other social media.
  • Encourage team members to start their own podcasts or Youtube shows that relate to your industry. Promote them across your organization’s social media and website.
  • Hold contests within the organization that relate to what you do for your clients. Great customer service, employee of the month, design competitions or even just for fun dance contests or karaoke. Always write about what you are doing and promote it across your media.
  • Use LinkedIn as a recruiting tool. Have team members connect with other industry professionals and encourage them to be active on LinkedIn publishing.
  • Go Live on Facebook during team meetings or any events your organization is taking a part of.
  • Have employees write about their role and what they love about the company in your blog. *Even better, make it a video!

There are many ways you can get creative with digital marketing. Whatever you decide to do, make sure you are representing your culture, value and mission in order to find the best people to fit within that vision!

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