How Health Care Offices Can Implement Loyalty Programs That Work

Did you know that according to Hubspot, existing customers

spend 67% more

than new customers? Also, studies show that “it costs a business

about 5-25X more

to acquire a new customer than it does to sell to an existing one”. It’s no surprise then that businesses are pushing to implement programs to help increase retention and loyalty with ideal customers. To increase customer loyalty your business needs to improve customer experience, satisfaction and value. A loyal customer can help grow your business much faster and cheaper than anything your sales and marketing department can do alone. The goal should be to delight your customers so that they not only continue to visit your office but also refer others to your practice and become evangelists of your brand. Let’s dive in and review some great ways to accomplish customer loyalty within a health care office.

Loyalty Program Ideas For Health Care Offices

Use a point system

A simple way to implement a customer loyalty program is to use a point system format to reward clients. Clients can receive a certain number of points for activities completed that show loyalty and benefit the business. Send out an email and provide brochures on the system in your office to let people know about the program. Make sure your reception informs each client about the new system and its benefits. Here are some examples of activities clients can receive points for:

  • New client referrals
  • Visits completed on-time and regularly
  • Reviews on specific online websites
  • Attendance at events or seminars
  • Completed feedback cards  

You can cater your point program so that it’s specific to the activities that are most important in your office. Higher “value” activities (such as new client referrals) may be worth higher points. Clients can use these points for prizes throughout the year as they add up. Gift cards, gift baskets, tickets to events and other types of prizes are a few ideas of what you can give away when people reach a certain number of points!

Charitable Kick-Backs

This is a great idea for offices focused on community service and giving back. Choose a charity or organization and donate every time a client reaches a “milestone” with your business. For example, if you are a veterinary office and a client reaches their 3 year “anniversary” with your office, you can donate to a local animal charity of their (or your) choice on their behalf. There are many clients that would appreciate the thoughtfulness of this gesture rather than being sent a gift for themselves. Send a handwritten thank you card to them at the time of the anniversary and let them know what you are doing in honor of their loyalty. You can even offer an additional donation if they refer a new client over within a certain time period.

Partner Up

A great way to increase loyalty is to provide additional benefits for clients to utilize at any time. Partner with other related offices or businesses in order to give your clients discounts and exclusive offers. If you are a doctor’s office you can partner with a local gym or group fitness class to provide discounts or free classes in order to keep patients active and healthy. Dentists can provide coupons for dental products at local grocery stores or rebates for online shopping. Get creative and build connections – these partnerships will not only benefit your customers they will benefit your business with an increase in referrals as the word spreads!

Does your business struggle with client retention?

Building loyalty is not always easy. The goal should be to put sustainable systems in place to increase client retention and referrals.

Let’s talk about better processes!

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