5 Tips For Writing a Clickable Blog Post Title

Want to attract more readers to your blog? You’ll need clickable blog titles. Your title should draw attention to the right readers in order to increase views and shares. When your title shows up on social media and in your subscriber’s inbox – you want them to click! Here are some tips on how to create blog article titles that will get clicks!

5 Tips for Clickable Blog Titles

1. Focus on the “whos”

When writing your article, you should have your audience in mind. The title of your article should reflect that audience in a noticeable way. When your ideal customer is scrolling through their newsfeed or opening their inbox, your title should pop out to them as information that is valuable to their own challenges. For example if you are a veterinary office you might write an article “What Bulldog Puppy Owners Need To Know in Year One”. Let your audience understand that this post was written for them.

2. Keep it short & to the point

Long blog post titles are a bad idea for many reasons. First off, a headline longer than 5 words isn’t best for search or readability. People don’t read much while skimming through emails or their news feed, so you want to grab their attention quickly. An information rich but short headline is key to getting clicks. You’ll need to rely on keywords and emotion to get the job done. Using a title that will catch your ideal persona’s eye by invoking curiosity or shock is the best way to use a short title.  The best headline character count for search is about 71 characters. On social you’ll have a little more wiggle room to utilize the title as well as a short eye-catching description.


3. Optimize for search and social

 For a blog article to get clicks, it has to show up on search. Optimizing for search engines  is essential to your blogging process. While your entire blog will be optimized for searchers, your title should be considered as well. It’s important that your title have the keyword that your article is focused on towards the front of the headline. Search engines can then easily identify the keyword and so can your audience!

4. Create a sense of urgency

Make your audience want to click and read right away! Starting with “how to” and adding words like “secret” or “quick” will make your post more clickable. Some proven techniques to create a sense of urgency for the reader are using numbers, catchy adjectives and timely phrases (such as “of the week” or “in 2017”). Here are some great fill in the blank examples of clickable post titles that create urgency.

  • ___ Tips To Get More _____ This Week
  • How To _____ Your ____ In One Day
  • ____ Tricks For _____
  • ____Amazing Secrets For _____
  • Is Your _____ Designed To _______
  • ______ Things You Should Never Do in [Year/Month]

5. Make it useful

Since your blog post contains valuable and useful information for your persona, your title should represent that. Show off exactly what they will learn and/or what they will be able to do after reading. Let the reader understand right away what the value of clicking and reading this post is for them. Don’t mislead in the title just to make them click – make sure you are honest and upfront about what the article contains. An attention grabbing headline such as “ X Things You Didn’t Know About Dental Implants” is right away letting the reader know  who this article is for. If you are someone that isn’t interested in dental implants, you won’t be attracted to this post. Baiting the audience with “X Things Dentist Don’t Tell You” and then spending the entire post talking about dental implants is not a great way to increase subscribers, shares and won’t get you the leads you want to grow your business. The goal isn’t just to get clicks but to turn those clicks into readers and eventually clients. Create useful content and provide clarity in your titles to show what your content is about.

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