4 Ways An Email Newsletter Can Benefit Your Business

As a small to medium size business, your main goal should be to retain your best customers and attract new customers that are just like them. Using a weekly or monthly newsletter is a great way to do just that. Subscribers of your newsletter are able to stay engaged with your company and their content while also learning about new products and services you have to offer. Some benefits of a monthly newsletter include increased traffic, engagement with customers, boost in social following and more!

“Email makes money. For every $1 you spend onemail marketing, you can expect an average return of $38.” – Constant Contact

How An Email Newsletter Can Benefit Your Business

Increase sales and inquiries

The most important metric for any business’ marketing is sales. The best way to utilize your database to increase sales is to keep them informed with your offerings and services. Updates on new products or limited time offers will increase awareness with your subscribers. Your database will stay up to date with the happenings of your business and your brand will be at the forefront of their minds when they are in need of a solution. Instead of spending marketing dollars on expensive mailings that will get ignored and thrown out, focus your efforts on engaging your current database of people who have opted in and are likely to engage with the offers you present them. Personalization in your newsletters can help increase the likelihood of subscribers interest in what you are offering. If you know any specifics about the contact, try and create lists and customize your newsletter based on known interests.

“44 percent of email recipients made at least one purchase last year based on a promotional email.”  – Jay Baer at Convince & Convert

Increase traffic to your website

In your email newsletter you’ll want to include content and offers that link back to your website. This will increase traffic and returning visitors to your site. Valuable blog articles, new downloadable offers or interesting updates posted on your website can all be part of the newsletter content. Clickable images and links throughout the newsletter will increase traffic back to your website. Remember, most subscribers will be opening these emails on their mobile devices

(About 53% of emails are opened on mobile devices. – Campaign Monitor) so make sure the content is short, simple and the links are easy to click through and of course test the links to make sure they all work before sending!

Connect with your customers

Stay connected and in front of your ideal customers with your email newsletter. Keep customers informed about business updates such as holiday hours, new employees, changes to processes. Use customer success stories as content in your newsletter to not only show appreciation and relate to customers but offer insight about your business to prospects and leads who are subscribed to your newsletter. Many businesses will create separate newsletters for customers and prospects. This is definitely an option if you have enough content that will customize the newsletters and your lists are clean and segmented.

Here’s a great article about sending email your customers will open and love!

Boost your social media engagement and following

Newsletters are a great way to get your subscribers engaged with your social media profiles. Highlight recent tweets or Facebook posts within your newsletter, including an option to follow or share. Add in sharing buttons to the content you showcase within the newsletter as well as an option to share the entire newsletter with their network or email to a friend. If you’re active on social media, highlighting your activity and utilizing it within your newsletter will be a great way to get your subscribers to follow you and engage with what you’re doing on social.

Better Email Marketing Starts With Persona Focused Strategies

Understanding your customers and who is in your database is the most important part of successful email marketing. If you are attracting the right leads, your database is a gold mine and email marketing efforts will produce the results you are looking for. In order to attract and convert quality leads, you need persona focused strategies. Let’s work together to build your personas and come up with a strategy that works!

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