How You Can Use Inbound Marketing For Talent Acquisition

For all size businesses, finding great talent to join your team has always been a difficult task. Companies spend a ton of time reviewing, interviewing, training and then re-training talent with hopes to retain and clone their best team members. Decreasing team member churn is a pain point many businesses face, where too many resources are going into the hiring process because the wrong person was chosen for the job in the first place. Filling important positions, with the right candidates, is your most critical task to run a successful company.

It is becoming increasingly difficult to fill positions – 65% of recruiters claim talent shortage is the biggest challenge in hiring. (Source: Jobvite)

Recruiting Candidates For Your Company Using Inbound

Fortunately, in 2017 there have never been more options to utilize in order to recruit talent. Businesses are using everything from staffing firms and talent marketplaces to employee referrals and job sites. Successful recruiting utilizes two basic approaches—these approaches are either designed to help you recruit inbound (active) candidates or outbound (passive) candidates.

38% of companies are thinking about digital HR, and only 9% of them believes they are fully ready for it. 72% of organizations believe digital HR is an important priority and 32% claims it is very important. (Source: Deloitte University Press)

Inbound Recruiting – the candidate applies first

Attracting candidates who are actively engaged with your brand, searching for jobs or open to new opportunities, even though they may not be ready to apply. Examples: People find you in job search, referrals who apply, career fairs, applications from social recruiting, visitors to your career site.

Outbound Recruiting – you contact the candidate first

Proactively searching for candidates who are not looking for job opportunities. Examples: Contacting people through resume databases or professional networking sites, calling referrals.


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How To Use Inbound Marketing To Acquire The Best Talent

For all businesses, talent should be top priority. However, over the years recruiting methods have changed and top talent may not always be actively searching and applying for your positions. “First impression” used to be the job post, or even the first interview; now over 75% of job seekers start their search on Google (cite CareerBuilder, 2015). Your company has to position itself as the best place to work for your ideal talent. Culture and how they perceive they will fit into the team is critical.

People care more than ever about the workplace experience. With online reviews and social media, it’s easier and faster to discover information about how your company treats it’s employees. When a potential recruit is searching for a position, they can visit sites, such as, to view positions available, salary information, what people think of the company and how current and even past employees feel about the company. Employer brand is paramount to successfully acquiring the best, most qualified talent.Attracting and retaining talent is key to internal production. Your employees are essentially your “internal customer,” and it should be business priority #1 to keep them happy.


You’ve heard of using inbound marketing strategies to boost sales and acquire new customers, so let’s talk about using content marketing to attract employee prospects. When you utilize content marketing for lead generation your goal is to attract prospects by answering questions that relate to a challenge or problem they are experiencing. To attract talent, flip the sales focus to a human resource focus. How is your brand positioned to prospective talent online?

How To Get Started

Ask yourself these questions to identify how you can improve your website’s content and implement an inbound strategy for talent acquisition.

    1. What current tools are you using to attract talent?
    2. Who are the people you are currently attracting?
    3. Who are the kind of people you want to attract?
    4. Where do you post jobs?
    5. How does your company come across in the process?

Next, you want to dive into the market research that will help you in identifying a strategy for talent acquisition.

    1. Who’s your competition for these internal customers?
    2. What are the demographics and psychographics of the right internal customers? What are their challenges, motivations, priorities?
    3. Is your employer brand effectively communicating itself as a good fit for the people you want to apply?

First Steps To Better Talent Acquisition Using Inbound

  1. Improve the look and feel of your website. First impressions are everything! Make sure your brand’s design as well as the tone and messaging used throughout your website is consistent and aligned with your core values. Use images of real people at your company. Simplify your navigation and include web pages that are dedicated to culture, mission statements and team members.
  2. Focus on your online reputation. What do 3rd party sites have to say? (Glassdoor, etc.) There are whole sites and forums dedicated to employees and their feelings about a company. Are there any reviews online that would deter people from working for you?
  3. Look and feel of storefront/ actual brick and mortar.Are you looking for young techies, but your front office looks like your great aunt Edna decorated the place? Create an environment for your people. A fully snack-stocked kitchen, a quiet room, an area with books and resources to further education, an outdoor patio set for lunch breaks.
  4. Talk to current employees for feedback and suggestions. Your very best insight comes from your people. What more can be done to keep them happy? Do they see their future with your company and why? Find out how you can improve and even where you stand out by just talking with current team members.

Build Your Inbound Marketing Strategy For Talent Acquisition

Attract top talent with inbound marketing strategies. We’ll start by accessing your needs and areas for improvement and competitive advantage. Next, we’ll dive into the research that will make you stand out and create a plan to execute. With content marketing, website design and other inbound tactics – you’ll attract the best, most qualified talent to your company!

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