How To Define Your Target Audience For A Successful Adwords Campaign

A successful Adwords campaign includes many pieces. A critical piece that goes into that success is your audience setup and maintenance. Targeting the right people with your campaign will help you get a better return on investment from Adwords. You have the option of targeting broad groups or specific characteristics and interests. Whether you are just getting started with Adwords or improving your campaign, utilize the information in this article to put you on the right track for success.

Define Your Google Adwords Audience

Start out by asking the four W’s to define the audience you are trying to reach. Using the answers to “who, when, where and what”, you will set up and manage your campaign in Adwords.


You know your customers best so start by defining who they are and what they have in common. What language do they speak? What gender are they? What age range? Defining your “who” is the first important step in creating an audience that will be most qualified for your ads.

Do you really know who your customers are?

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When is the best time to reach your intended audience? Are there certain hours of the day they are more likely to be searching for terms related to your product or services. You can adjust your targeting for specific days, holidays and even seasonality of your business.


Reach your target audience wherever they are! Are your customers around the corner or around the world? With the right targeting in Adwords, your ads could even appear for customers that are right outside your store!

Better targeting, better results.

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The keywords and phrases your customers are using to search online for the services you offer are considered the “what” phase of the 4 Ws. These are the search terms you should include in your campaign in order to get the most from your investment. Focus on identifying the best terms as well as keywords and phrases that are not applicable to your business. These will become your negative keywords and are very important in order to bring the right people to your ads and avoid wasting budget.

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