5 Sneaky Ways to Find Out More About Your Competitors

Competitor research is one of your first steps when creating an inbound marketing strategy. Understanding not only who your competitors are but what they are doing online is critical to implementing campaigns that will attract your similar target audience. Learn what keywords they are going after, what social media platforms they hang out on and what resources they are providing for their audience. Competitor research can help you gain valuable information on a direction for your Search Engine Optimization and social media strategy, as well as your content marketing. Here are 5 tools that will help you in finding out more about competitors online.

Tools For Finding Great Info On Your Competition

  1. SpyFu

    A tool to find out your competitor’s most profitable paid and organic keywords. You can also get a peek into their ads and ad variations from Google Adwords. This tool uses competitor research and information to provide recommendations for paid and organic search strategies for your business. Also identifies competitor backlinks.

  2. Google Trends

    This is a helpful tool to stay on top of the latest in your industry. Use this to look into where your target audience is going and what they are searching for.

  3. Google Alerts

    – Keeping alerts on for your own business is definitely a best practice in order to see what’s showing up in search. You should also have Google alerts set up for your top competitors. Understand what they are up to and what’s being written by them and about them across the web with these live updates.

  4. SocialMention

     – Monitor “mentions” for blogs, video and social. It will tell you what’s being said about a keyword, company or search term across blogs and social platforms at any given time. With this tool you can see how often the term or company is mentioned and how many times.

  5. Website/Marketing Grader

    – Hubspot’s Marketing Grader tool is beneficial because it gives each of your competitors an overall score based on their activity on social media, blogging, search engine optimization and lead generation. You can compare your own score to theirs and see the differences in marketing.

Understand the Components of Competitor Research

Research - Wordcloud Concept. The Word in Red Color, Surrounded by a Cloud of Blue Words.-1.jpegHave you completed a full competitor analysis for your business? Your inbound marketing strategy will benefit from a full understanding of what your competitors are doing online. Identifying your direct and indirect competitors then jumping into a full analysis of their products, service line and sales process are just the first steps to proper competitor research.

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