What Is Video Marketing and Why Is It Important?

“By 2017, video will account for 69% of all consumer internet traffic”Cisco

By now you’ve heard that content marketing is key to generating new leads and business. But what you may not have heard is the impact that video marketing is making in the content world. Small businesses who are not taking advantage of video marketing for their blog and website will be left behind. Video is the future, and the present of great marketing. According to Neilsen, 64% of marketers expect video to dominate their strategies in the near future. With video marketing, you increase your reach and improve your website search engine optimization. The shareability of video has been proven time and time again with popular social sites such as Youtube taking over the internet. With an engaging video, you can dominate your audience’s news feed. Businesses are already on sites such as Facebook and Instagram live-streaming events, promoting products and talking to users. Understanding that video marketing is key to success with content marketing in 2017, let’s dive into what video marketing really “is” and why your business should be making videos today.

What is Video Marketing?

Simply put, video marketing means putting videos into your marketing campaigns to promote your business, products or services. Many websites incorporate video across their pages with customer testimonials, product demos, promo clips and more. The best part of video is that you can incorporate it into many pieces of marketing without “duplicating” content, which helps marketers save time and get the word out fast and easy.

Benefits of Video Marketing For Business

“The online video audience reaches 84.5% of the U.S Internet audience” – comScore

1. Improve Search Engine Optimization & Rank Higher on Google

According to a study completed by Forrester Research – “a web page with video is 50x more likely to appear on the first page of Google.” Businesses can increase their exposure by incorporating video on their web pages because Google has even started showing video content right there within its organic search results. If a video is valuable and done well, it can create many links back to your website from people sharing it and including it within their content. These links back to your site will help Google recognize you as a credible website and therefore increase your search rankings. Remember though, in order to get these links and shares your video should be valuable to the audience you are trying to attract. Your video can be emotional, informative, humorous or thought provoking. You can create a video with a large budget and production or something simple with a web or iPhone camera. As with any piece of content, the key is to connect and appeal to your audience!

Check out this “explainer” video below from Advanced Dentistry. These types of videos are great for businesses to utilize customer testimonials and showcase their expertise and experience. This particular video is used on the home page and within landing pages as well as other campaigns!

2. More Engaging Emails

“An email subject line with “video” included results to 2-3x more opens than one without.”SmartShoot.com

When including video in your email you have the opportunity to say more without creating a long, intimidating email. Your video can include call to actions throughout and social sharing links at the end. You will save time and get your point across visually and easily. Using video within an email campaign can come across more professional and engaging to the reader. It gives the reader something to interact with compared to just plain text. Remember to keep your video short and to the point, so users watch the entire video to the end call to action. Also longer videos will require too much time for download and you may lose subscribers due to frustration. NOTE:> Most email clients do not allow for embedded videos. To work around this you can create a call to action that looks like a video player and when clicked brings you to the page.

Here is a great article from www.pinpointe.com with examples of great emails using video! 

3. Higher Conversion Rates

“Vidyard reports over 100% increase in conversions by using video.”

Video content can help increase conversions anywhere on your website. Many businesses use video on their landing pages and even thank you pages to help move the buyer through their journey. Businesses who are new to video marketing may start out with a quick video about your company or a team profile to include in the about us and home pages of your website. Remember to always include some type of call to action within the video to get the user to take a next step after watching. Videos will increase the length of time that the visitor stays on the page and allows them to consume more content and continue to educate themselves on your solutions.  

Read more: 20 Video Landing Page Examples from Instapage.com

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