The 4 Things Every Healthcare Office Website Needs For Lead Generation

In the healthcare industry, it’s important to have a unique online presence in order to differentiate yourself from your competitors. Your website should speak to your target audience and provide them with valuable information so they can make a decision to become a patient. Websites shouldn’t just be a brochure about your business. You want your healthcare office website to provide value and answer questions for your potential patients. If you become a resource for them, a place they can depend on for answers to simple everyday questions, they will better understand your expertise in the industry. For any healthcare office to be successful online, they need a website that’s focused on “lead generation”. This means a website that has the working pieces to attract the right patients, provide them with the education they need to make a decision and the tools to make the appointment process smooth. Here’s what makes a healthcare office website successful with lead generation.



4 Things Your Healthcare Office Website Needs

1. Service Landing Pages

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Tell your clients and potential clients more about what you do with service landing pages. Many websites just list off their services and solutions for patients, without giving detail. Patients want to know what’s involved and what they can expect if they are looking for a particular service. For example, a dental office may have a service page specific about sedation or dental implants. This page provides information on the process and what to expect before, after and during the procedures. You may include a Frequently Asked Questions section to give the page better readability and make it easy for patients to scan through. Each service page should have a form or a call to action to make an appointment. If you decide to use a form, you can make sure it is specific to the service and can be sent directly to the office so you understand what a patient is looking for. If it makes sense, include testimonials from patients (upon approval) about their experience with that service. Whatever you can include on the page to make a patient feel comfortable and informed will help generate new appointments right there online!

Another benefit of service landing pages is for search engines. If a potential patient is looking for a particular service in their area, you’ll want your website to come up in the search results. If you’ve just mentioned that you provide these services in a list or paragraph on your website, you are less likely to show up in search for that particular keyword. Having a dedicated landing page for each service someone would search for helps boost your rankings for those keywords and get you found by the right patients looking for help!

2. Team Page

People want to know who they are going to work with, especially in healthcare. Having a team page that is more than a simple list of names with photos will help connect with your target audience. Include names, titles, photo(s) and a description of the team member including their background and anything that makes them relatable to patients. People browsing your website will want to understand the culture and personality of your office. You want them to walk in feeling comfortable and welcomed, because they are seeing familiar faces! You can also include a form for each team member if patients would like to reach out directly or make an appointment with a specific team member.

AD team page.png

3. Make An Appointment Landing Page

This page is the most important page on your website. Your dedicated “make an appointment” landing page will include a form that asks for any necessary information you need from patient to create the appointment. Make sure to ask for phone number so reception can call and follow up to ask more personal questions that should not be inputted in your online database. This landing page gives patients an opportunity to quickly request an appointment, when it’s convenient for them rather than waiting for the office to be open or waiting on hold if you’re office is busy. The content on this page does not have to be lengthy. Include your office location, hours and any other information a patient needs to know before requesting an appointment. Be sure to clarify the length of time it’ll take for your office to fulfill the request and any next steps that they can expect after filling the form out.  

Petwells Request APPT.png

4. Blog

Ampersand Business Solutions Blog.pngA company blog is very important to the success of online lead generation. In order for people to find you online, you need to be visible to search engines. Search engines favor websites that are providing value to readers with regularly updated, informative content with high readability. Your blog is the hub for all your online marketing and will attract new patients to your business by increasing your search traffic. Writing articles that address concerns about your services, answer questions to common problems related to your business and discuss in detail processes and procedures will educate your clientele. This type of information, ready at their fingertips at any time, will showcase your expertise in the industry and allow you to become a thought leader in your space.

Don’t have a business blog yet? Here’s some great tips to start blogging today!

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