How To Optimize Your Blog Articles To Increase Search Traffic

Want to increase search traffic? Your website needs a blog. Your blog should be updated regularly with new, engaging content for your target audience. Quality content is key to generating the right traffic from search results and other traffic sources. Optimization is the other critical aspect of increasing search traffic. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is how business blogs get found through Google by people seeking out solutions related to their content. Follow these simple steps to optimize your blog posts and start increasing your search traffic!

3 Steps To Optimize Your Blog Article

1. Conduct research and choose a focus keyword

Identify a keyword that your target audience would type into search in order to find this piece of content. Make sure you understand your buyer personas and their buyer’s journey before identifying your keywords for content creation. Remember, you aren’t writing this piece for search engines you are writing it to provide value for your target audience. If a searcher typed in this keyword and clicked on this article – would they have found what they were looking for or would they need to continue to search? A big mistake businesses make when it comes to choosing keywords is guessing without doing any research about their audience and their search habits. This research is done with buyer persona research and by utilizing reporting tools such as Hubspot and Google Analytics to find out which keywords have brought in leads and customers.

For example, if you are an eye doctor’s office targeting patients who are interested in laser eye surgery you may want to write content about this topic in order to provide value to that audience. Keywords such as “cost of laser eye surgery” and “process for laser eye surgery” would be great to utilize within blog articles because you have experience and can provide value for those topics. However, you may find through research of your personas that they are more concerned with “side effects of laser eye surgery” and “tips for laser eye surgery recovery”. If you are looking to get real results from your blogging efforts, keyword research is very important.

2. Utilize the keyword

Now that you know what keyword you are going to focus on for the article, it’s time to utilize it within the article in specific areas where Google will recognize its importance. Make sure your keyword is within:

  • Your blog title and the page title
  • The url for your page
  • Any headers used within the article (especially your H1 and H2)
  • Within the content of the article (PRO TIP: Bold any of your focus keywords related to the topic and long tail keywords and also link them to related article and website pages to increase search visibility and for the reader’s benefit.)
  • In the alt tag for any images used in the article (also within video tags and descriptions if you embed them into a blog)

3. Increase Readability

This last step is really important to remember as you are creating your blog article. Readability is critical for not only your visitor but Google as well. If your article utilizes small, hard to read font or large paragraphs it may be considered hard to consume. Google wants their searchers to consume content that can be read easily and on all devices. Utilize numbered lists, bullet points, short paragraphs and simple headers to increase the readability of your article. Bold keywords and phrases that are important so it’s easy for readers to skim. Include links to other related content within the article that will help the reader continue their research or define a term they may not be familiar with. Utilize visuals whenever you can to represent the points you are trying to make. Video and images are great for readability and also help boost search rankings.  For more tips on making sure you article is easy to read – click here!

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