8 New Content Ideas For Your Small Business Blog

For small businesses coming up with fresh, new content ideas on a regular basis can become challenging. However, successful inbound marketers know that content is king and the best way to build momentum with digital marketing is to consistently publish articles that provide value to your target audience. Are you ready to start creating content that will bring in new qualified leads? Here is a list of 14 ideas to get you started on the path to digital marketing success.

Content Ideas For Your Small Business Blog

1. Review a popular industry book

Read any great books lately? Write up short summaries and review a book that is popular in your industry. Provide any key points and add in suggestions and opinions from your team within the write up. Here’s some tips from NowNovel.com on how to write a book synopsis like a real pro!

*PRO TIP: After you publish the review, reach out to the book’s author and send over the link for shares. Utilize social media and email to get in touch.

2. Repurpose speaker presentations 

Has someone on your team presented at a conference or event? Repurpose their presentation slide deck, video or even recording into a piece of content! A quick summary included with the video and deck would make for a great piece of content that provides value to the same audience you presented to at the conference. You can also summarize another industry professional’s presentation from an event. If you loved the information they provided, it may be relevant to your audience as well!

*PRO TIP: Utilize SlideShare and LinkedIn to get more out of your presentation and “supercharge” your marketing. Learn how here!

3. Discuss news stories

This one is easy but you have to make sure it’s timely! If you see any breaking news related to your industry, summarize and post about it on your blog. Include your own opinions and some quotes from the team on the subject. Be sure not to duplicate content from any news sources, so be careful to write it all in your own words. In order to make the most of this tip you’ll want to get the post out within the first 24 hours after the news story is published.

4. Answer forum questions

A great resource to find out what your audience has questions about are industry forums. Searching on Quora or other popular forums specific to your area or industry will give you ideas for blog content that speaks directly to your audience. After it’s published, go ahead and link to it within your answer to the question on the forum!

5. Curate a list of top resources

“Best of” lists are great for readers looking to research a specific topic more thoroughly. Create a list of the best resources on a specific topic and link back to each resource with a short summary of why you feel it’s valuable.

*PRO TIP:Here are other ideas for “Listicle” type articles that are quick and easy to write and read!

6. Compare competitors

Most of your subscribers have an interest in your solution and would find an article that compares your services very valuable. For many businesses, this may seem like a risky post. However, if you keep it simple and stick to the facts – such as pricing, services selection, location – you can provide value without making any enemies!

Want to understand how you compare to your competitors? Click here to read about conducting competitor research for your inbound program!

7. Interview industry professionals

Reach out to experienced professionals and industry influencers for short Q&A posts. They can even be team members or clients! The interviews can be a series talking about a certain topic with many industry professional opinions or you can specify a topic for each individually!

8. Profile team members

Create a monthly series of team member profiles. Talk about their background, what makes them unique and include some fun personal information that helps the audience relate. Include photos of them around the office or with their families and friends. The more you humanize your company, the more your audience will relate to your company. A personal connection with prospective clients can go a long way, especially for a small business!

Start creating content that gets new business!

Your website should be a resource for your clients and prospective clients. Having a content strategy that aligns with your brand and goals is critical to online marketing success. Talk to us today and we’ll help you get to the next level with online marketing!

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