6 Ideas For Great Offers That Will Attract More Online Leads

Want more leads from your website? Your business could be generating new contacts in your database daily by creating great offers that provide value for your target audience. Using forms and landing pages, you will get visitors to “convert” on your website by providing their email address and any other important information in exchange for a valuable offer. A successful offer can be anything (a tool, template, presentation, piece of content…etc) that will be informative, useful and valuable to your target audience. Your offer should be helpful to the visitor while also showcasing your expertise on subject matters that help solve problems for your audience. The more offers you have available on your website, the more opportunities you have to increase your leads and grow your database of potential customers. Here are 6 ideas for great offers that will attract more online leads.

6 Offer Ideas To Generate More Online Leads

1. An online quiz

Creating an online quiz is a great opportunity for businesses to set yourself aside from the competition. Because eBooks and blogs are so common, many customers are so used to skimming through content and have became so comfortable to this format. That’s why quizzes will draw attention since they are a unique offer that requires interaction and engagement with the visitor. You’ve probably come across a ton of the online personality quizzes and “how much do you know” quizzes throughout your social media newsfeed. Online quizzes should be quick and simple to understand for the user. The user should also easily be able to share the quiz and their own results with friends and family via social media or email.

The biggest challenge you will face when creating your quiz is coming up with an eye-catching title. According to KissMetrics, 80% of readers decide whether or not they’ll give content a chance based only on the title. A great tip for this is to phrase the title as a question, which essentially presents a challenge to the reader. Make sure the title appeals directly to your target audience but stay away from specific buzzwords that some people may not understand.  

Here’s a local business example. Advanced Dentistry, located in Middlesex New Jersey, created this quiz for anyone who is considering Dental Implants. This is a valuable offer for their target persona because they may not be ready just yet to talk to the doctor in a consultation and want to understand if the dental implant procedure is a good choice before moving forward with an appointment. The user can take the quiz and then in order to see their results they will simply input their email. Take a look at the quiz here 

Screen Shot 2017-07-28 at 12.40.58 PM.png

To get started creating your online quiz, check out this article by LeadQuizzes which offers detailed tips on how to create a quiz people will love.

 2. A useful spreadsheet or template

Have you ever had to put together a presentation, calculate a budget or compile a list of resources and just wished someone would do it for you? If so, you can see the value in creating an offer like this for your audience. For example, if you are a financial advisor and would like to begin generating a list of potential clients online you can create a templated spreadsheet for “household budgeting like the pros” and ask for email address in exchange for a free downloadable and printable template. Your template could even be in Powerpoint format or a simple word document that is useful to your potential client. Say you are a small, local resume writing service, this type of offer could be a huge value for your clients. Your business could offer a free downloadable interview questions practice template or a free basic resume template. The more value you provide for free, the more opportunity you have to show off your expertise and educate potential new clients.

3. List of useful resources

Similar to a template or spreadsheet, a great offer could be a list of compiled resources that are valuable to your visitor. For example, a veterinary clinic could create a list of resources for pet training and behavioral issues which includes links to website blogs, articles, PDFs and downloadable documents. A real estate company may offer a resource guide to the best local landscapers, interior designers, loan officers and mortgage companies. To gain access to this resource list, a visitor simply enters their email and is able to bookmark and view the page or document at any time. For certain situations it may be useful to include maps, addresses and phone numbers and make the list printable. Having information like this at your fingertips can be a very valuable offer for potential clients to respect you as a thought leader for your industry.

4. Printable checklist or calendar

A checklist is a great quick offer your business can create to generate new contacts. Think of a problem your target audience has and what type of list would be helpful in solving part of that challenge. For example, a Chiropractor’s office can create a checklist of weekly back and neck stretches for pain relief. A dentist office could create a monthly calendar for kid’s with areas for them to check off daily oral hygiene tasks. Design your offer so that it’s printable and in easy to read font. You don’t even need to put any fancy designs on it – the content speaks for itself!

Below is an example from Hubspot. This is their landing page for the “How To Run An Inbound Marketing Campaign” checklist. You can see how they’ve positioned the offer and the 3 fields they’ve included on their form for conversion. See the full landing page here!

Screen Shot 2017-07-28 at 3.06.30 PM.png

5. A valuable email course

Educating your potential customers is a key aspect of successful online marketing. With a free email “course” you can provide answers and knowledge about a challenge throughout a period of time. For example, if you are a local flower shop you can create a daily email course on how to care for specific types of seasonal plants. A dermatologist office could provide an 3-day course on skin cleansing and hydration methods. Each day the contact would receive an email containing videos, checklists, to-dos and tips. Within each of the emails you can provide a coupon or call to action to make an appointment or visit your business. The more value you provide, the more likely someone will see you as the authority and want to utilize your services. They may also want to take things a step further and contact your business with questions or comments. Email courses have recently became a very popular method of converting new leads. It’s a great offer to keep your database engaged with content and your brand. This blog article from Teachable.com has a step by step guide on how to create an email course that will convert!

6. Host a free event

For a small, local business events are a goldmine for potential customers. Hold an event right in your office and provide a short presentation, speaker or demonstration for interested individuals. Advanced Dentistry hosts a free dental implant seminar each month for anyone interested in learning more about the process of getting dental implants. This opens up an opportunity for prospective patients to come and meet the dentist as well as ask questions that are concerning them. If you are hosting an event, be sure to create a landing page on your website with all of the details and allow people to save their seat online. This way you will have all their contact information and can follow-up after the event.

Screen Shot 2017-07-28 at 3.27.23 PM.png

Some other ideas for local business events:

  • A seminar talking about a brand new service your company now provides. Invite current clients and provide an incentive if they bring guests.
  • Hire a speaker from your industry to discuss a common challenge and solution.
  • Invite current customers to talk about their experience and success stories.
  • Have team members discuss a service you provide including the process, costs, side effects etc. for any interested parties.
  • Put on a demonstration for a popular product or software.
  • Partner with another local business to discuss solutions for a specific target audience you both serve.

Get more clients from your website!

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