3 Ways To Have The Best Customer Service

Happy young couple meeting with a broker in her office leaning over the desk to shake hands, view from behind the female agent.jpegFocusing on customer service not only retains business but can greatly impact resell, cross-sell and upsell opportunities to continue business revenue growth. Providing great customer service doesn’t only impact your business’ bottom line but it will earn you a great reputation and sometimes even unpaid media opportunities. When your customers are praising you, you have a better chance of gaining referrals for new clients. While every business owner knows that increasing new business is important, retaining great clients is even more critical. Here are 3 ways you can provide great customer service for your clients. 

Tips For Great Customer Service 

Be Easily Accessible 

online customer support - business man having an online chat with another person via webcam and headsets.jpegLack of communication is one of the biggest frustrations for customers. If you have a question, concern or even a compliment for a business you want to be able to contact them with ease. Start focusing on customer service by opening more lines of communication with your clients. Begin by simply adding your social media links to your email signature or business card – just don’t forget to check it and response in a timely manner! If you have a receptionist or someone at the office to dedicate to customer service, add a live chat box to your website so visitors can contact you immediately. Never leave any emails or voicemails unanswered and always follow-up on messages from missed calls. As Hubspot says, “Providing high-touch, human-based contact options to all of your customers is just good customer service.” 

Create Helpful Content

Know your customers and what specific challenges they are facing so you can create valuable content they need. At times, your customers won’t want to talk to anyone at all and they will look for content to help them solve their problems. For example, if you are a dentist office that specializes in dental implants, you can create a free informative seminar or webinar about the dental implant process and invite current, past and prospective clients to learn more about the procedure. You can also write a short guide or downloadable resource that can be accessed at anytime with information your clients need about certain questions they may have on procedures.

Another great way to delight your customers is to create a monthly or quarterly newsletter. Your newsletter can include valuable information, top industry news and discounts or offers for loyal customers. If you have any type of referral program you can use your newsletter as a reminder! 

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Let Loyal Customer Know You Care

Referrals - Ring Binder on Office Desktop with Office Supplies. Business Concept on Blurred Background. Toned Illustration..jpegHappy customers will provide referrals! Make sure they know that this is appreciated by putting in place a referral program to reward them. A free gift or discount off their next service is a great incentive to tell more friends and family about your services. Here’s how you can build a referral program easily!

Even if a customer hasn’t referred anyone but has been loyal for many years, you want to make sure they know you care. Send over a personalized “happy birthday” email, postcard or letter on their birthday with a coupon or small gift. Provide a quick “thank you” note via email or snail mail on their 1 year anniversary of being a client. Small gestures like these really show that you appreciate their business and will go a long way when it comes to great customer service!   

Memorable customer service is a must in any industry. In the days of Yelp, Google and social media platforms businesses cannot get lazy when it comes to pleasing their clients. Using the tips in this article and other custom ways of improving your own businesses customer service you can retain and increase business.


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