3 Easy Ways to Put Your Customers First and Why it’s Important

Recently we wrote a post about a key differentiator in how Under Armour and Blockbusters treat their customers (in a Tale of Two Companies). Under Armour and other successful and innovative companies seem to view the world (and their customers in it) differently than others. By putting their customers first, successful companies are able to anticipate their needs and translate those into products and services that will continuously revolutionize how they do business. This mutually beneficial relationship will yield much fruit for both parties.

3 Easy Ways to Put Your Customers First

  • Define success at the beginning of a project or with the roll out of a new product or service. What are you trying to achieve and what are the metrics associated with it that can be measured so that you know what you’re doing is working?
  • Look for ways for your customers to succeed outside their regular line of business. What other problems could they solve for their customer base?
  • Construct a continuous feedback loop with your customers, asking what’s working and what could be better. This can be done a number of different ways- informally during regular update meetings if you’re in a service indusstry and/ or customer satisfaction surveys. If your line of business is more consumer oriented, social media is a great way to stay in touch with your customer base, float ideas, and listen to feedback.

Here are some other resources to learn about putting your customer first:


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