How to Fail at Facebook: 7 Things You Should Stop Doing Right Now

Facebook is by far the most popular social media platform in the world. If you own a business it’s likely you already have a Facebook Page for your business. If not, stop and read our blog post Facebook Marketing Strategy ~ 5 Ways to Get Started. For those of you who have a page, there’s a good chance you’re doing some things that might annoy your customers. We put together a list of 7 things you should never do on Facebook because we want you to get new customers not lose them.


1. Liking Your Posts

Liking your ohigh_five.jpegwn posts is like high-fiving yourself in public. Don’t do it. You’re sharing or posting content because you like it so don’t over do it. It can look bad and irritate your customers.


2. Posting Across Other Social Media Platforms

Most brands have multiple social media accounts. Some social media platforms, like Twitter, allow you to make automatic updates on Facebook. Don’t do it. This tells your customers you are less engaged on Facebook. Take the time to post natively on each platform. Facebook will reward you for it and your customers will too.

3. Posting Just to Post

“The more we post, the more people will like our page!” False! The key to Facebook marketing success is quality content. It’s more important to take the time to create content your customers will find valuable than blasting out a post every hour. Write compelling content your customers will like.

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4. Stop Neglecting Your Inbox

Facebook will tell you customers if you’re responding to them or not. It’s called the Facebook Messenger Badge. This badge tells Facebook visitors how quick a business will message you back. It’s important to respond to all Facebook messages as soon as possible even if it’s to let the visitor know someone will be with them shortly.


5. Inviting People to Like your Page

Did you send an invite to everyone and their mother to like your Business Page? Well don’t do it. At this point, almost every business should have a Facebook Page. It’s an excellent tool to reach customers. That doesn’t mean you need to send invites to create a big following. Instead you should focus on creating educational and informative content that people will find to be valuable. If people think it’s interesting they will follow you.

6. Event Invites

event.jpegJust like inviting people to like you page, don’t send event invites to everyone and their grandmothers either. Make sure the people you are inviting would actually be interested in your event and they are within a reasonable distance to said event. If it’s not relevant people will stop engaging with your brand because it’s annoying.


7. Messaging the Masses

Speaking of annoying. If you’re sending mass messages, don’t do it. Facebook is a great marketing tool because you can reach customers directly, but nothing is more annoying than receiving mass messages. Let you customers know they are more than just a number. Personalize any messages you send out.

That’s how to fail at Facebook so don’t make it harder than it needs to be. Facebook is an opportunity to humanize your brand and engage customers in a fun way. Provide valuable content and your customers will follow.

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