Should Start Ups Call Themselves the Uber of Something?

A blogger writing an article on startups reached out this week to ask our professional opinion on companies pitching themselves as the Uber of their field. As in, what do we think about someone promoting their new business as the “Uber of fill in the blank.” 

Our thought is this. Depending on the complexity of the start up, describing themselves as the “Uber of X” may be a quick way to resonate with people. However, this lofty comparison of puts your company up against a very high standard, which can be hard to meet.
When someone says their new idea or business is the “Uber of X,” it’s kind of like when American Idol contestants try to sing a Whitney Houston song. It’s a really gutsy move, because if you fall short, you’re in direct comparison with a master.
Instead, the startup probably needs to put some more time into defining what problem they solve for prospective customers as their pitch.
What do you think?

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