What We Can Get from Chipotle (Other than E. coli)

This is a collection of business tips, thoughtful reads, and links to articles that I found useful or interesting this week.

Content marketing is a great way to vie for mental space in even the busiest of consumers. The trick to content marketing is that is has  to creatively weave itself into the life and line of vision of the target market. Chipotle is one of the best content marketing big brands out there and over the summer took it to the next level with their “Cultivate Festival” gather feedback about brand recipes from festival attendees in exchange for a free burrito bowl. The company is planning to use this feedback to tweak recipes and further marketing efforts.

Speaking of their ingenious use of content marketing, author Jonathon Franzen’s latest story was published on a Chipotle bag.

A fellow business owner and friend of mine were discussing web-based invoicing and payment options this week over coffee. I shared with her that I’ve found Freshbooks really easy to invoice customers via email and snail mail (they print, stamp and mail the invoices!) as well as receive credit card payments that deposit directly to my business bank account.

Book: The Midas Touch by Robert Kiyosaki and Donald Trump

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