The Brand Evangelism of Target

This is a collection of business tips, thoughtful reads, and links to articles that I found useful or interesting this week.

The New York Times is getting a 70% open rate for e-newsletters, which is pretty fantastic and unheard of (with 38% being standard). They’ve recently focused on specialized newsletters to further audience development as they’ve found Times users are twice as likely to become paid subscribers if they signed up for a newsletter first.


Target brand evangelism was strong in this fun video that made the rounds this week with kids going back to school.

Cape Cod Chips launched a campaign targeting West Coasters with their East Coast charm. Lines like ” Our factory tour is the biggest tourist attraction on the Cape when it rains” and “We’re a pretty big deal back home” allow the company to tell their humble story while still announcing to their world that their chips are pretty fabulous.


Book on my nightstand: The Science of Why by David Forbes

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