Google’s New Font, Wrangler’s Wrongler

This is a collection of business tips, thoughtful reads, and links to articles that I found useful or interesting this week.

The reason for Google’s new sans serif font is explained in this article, describing how it’s now more legible and quicker to load on any devices from a smartwatch as well as a 50″ tv.

Wrangler went straight for the shock value in their new campaign Wrangler/ Wrongler. What do you think? It’s definitely memorable and I’ll be interested to see if this wacky campaign increases exposure and sales for the company.

Online furniture company Greycork increased brand affinity with their “Let’s Eat” campaign, which merged online and in-person efforts to increase awareness of their brand within a very specific target market.

Have you wondered what SSL is and why you might need it for your website, particularly if your site is e-commerce, or otherwise handling sensitive data? This Hubspot blog breaks down everything SSL.

During our Executive Roundtable this week, we briefly discussed a couple of online project management tools that are helpful: Kanban Tool and Trello.

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