Shanna’s Notebook 8.21.15

This is a collection of business tips, thoughtful reads, and links to articles that I found useful or interesting this week.


The first time I heard the term “Design Thinking” was about seven years ago when I first started working with my business coach and the focus on full user experience has taken hold now all over. PepsiCo CEO Indra Nooyi (PepsiCo CEO) shares how she has created a culture of design thinking at the global company that makes “fun for you” and “good for you” products.

Ad Age’s Market’s Playbook goes behind the scenes of the evolution of Mastercard’s positioning to share how the element of true surprise strikes a chord.

Quote on my mind: If your business isn’t growing, it’s decaying. From PSI Seminars Growth vs. Decay

Podcast on my iPhone: PSI Seminars Growth vs. Decay

Book on my nightstand: Beyond the Lemonade Stand  by Bill Rancic (read with my 7 yo, who really enjoyed it).

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