How to Give a Great Magazine or Radio Interview

Good news! A reporter called you back about a press release that you sent out on your new product or service and now wants to interview you for their magazine article, newspaper piece, blog post, or radio show.

Here are some questions to ask yourself when preparing talking points for your upcoming interview:

  • What are the top three specifics you want a reader or listener to walk away with?
  • What’s your call to action? Register for the upcoming event? Join your Facebook page which is collecting supporters for an upcoming fundraiser? Subscribe to your blog? Buy your product? Be very clear in telling people that resonate with your message how to learn more or become involved.
  • How did the product or service come about? Share a short and interesting story that demonstrates your passion and expertise on the topic.
  • What are the bullet point specifics of the product, service, or upcoming event? (Include what, when, where,  how).
  • Who will this greatly benefit from what you’re offering and why?
  • Are there future events or programs you can “plant the seed” for in the minds of readers or listeners?

Having a list of specifics to share during your interview will help you maintain focus. Also, have professional looking headshots and product/ service photos ready to share with the reporter for publication. Even if it’s a radio show, there might be an opportunity to include the information and photos as a blog post on the station’s website or Facebook page.



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